Date : 2015

  • Climate Change and Mali's security

    Climate change provides the biggest threat to Mali’s marginal dryland farmers and cattle-raising communities, so it is incredibly important that the Climate Change Conference in Paris this week is successful. This could make far more difference than all our work to mitigate its effects.


  • Thank you

    Thank you to everyone who came along and supported us at Cockington Apple Day. We had a good day and the proceeds will go towards planting 120 fruit trees in Mali.


  • Cockington Apple Day

    A Tree for a Tree

    We are having a stand at Cockington Apple Day at Cockington Court, Cockington, Torquay from 10am – 4pm on Sunday 18th October, selling a range of apple trees kindly donated by Adam’s Apples and raising money for tree planting in Mali. Please come along and support us if you’re in the area, we’d love to see you.


  • A big thank you

    A big thank you to all our supporters for your generous help for planting during the rainy season in Mali. Tree planting and dune stabilisation work is now well underway, and women have been able to plant sesame, haricot beans and peanuts. The short rainy season began late, but the rains are good at present.


  • Appeal for funds for rainy season planting

    We are currently seeking urgent funds for rainy season planting. This is the most expensive time of the year for us, as we need to work on tree planting and dune stabilisation during the short window of the rains.

    Women are also asking for loans to buy seeds to plant sesame, haricot beans and peanuts.


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