Alternative Gifts

If you would rather your birthday or Christmas present, for example, went to someone in Mali; or if you would like to give someone a charitable gift for a special occasion, then please consider the following options:

Paraffin lamp for a village birth attendant so women don't have to give birth in the dark £6.50

Paraffin lamp for a Village Birth Attendant so women don’t have to give birth in the dark £6.50

A cow giving milk after being fed cattle seed cake

Cattle seed cake so cattle are able to give more milk £12.50

Seeds for two fields of vegetables

Seeds for two fields of vegetables £12.50

Thirty fruit trees

Thirty fruit trees £15


Beehive £15 – Beekeeping equipment (beehive, smoker and protective suit) £34

Photo 29 50 trees for a windbreak

50 trees to act as a windbreak and increase soil depth £16

Woman with goats

Three goats to provide milk £19

Literacy training

Literacy training £30 per person

Midwife trainee with bathing bowl

Midwifery kit £30

gen pics Joliba 010

Breeding ewe £45

Train a Village Birth Attendant

Train a Village Birth Attendant £145

To order, please send us a cheque for the amount made payable to ‘Joliba Trust’.

Joliba Trust
8 Nattadon Road
Newton Abbot
Devon TQ13 8BE

Alternatively you can donate online.


If you donate online please confirm by email: We can send a picture of your gift to you or the recipient – either to your email address, or as a colour photo card (for an extra 75p).