Sponsor a Well!

If you (or your business, or group of any kind) would like to transform the life of a whole village, we are able to do this! Village wells save lives, significantly improve health, enable sustainable livelihoods, allow children more of an education…the benefits are enormous. The wells we build are substantial, allowing 6 women to draw water at once, and are very durable. See more on water’s project page.

As the water table in our area is so deep (50-80m) and the geology is variable, building material costs are high and range from £1,500-£9,000. All labour is given for free by men in the village.

Such life-changing and long-lasting gifts can make wonderful memorials (names and messages can be inscribed into the well, and photos can be provided). Or perhaps you could consider this as a legacy in your will?

If you would like more details about this, or any of our work, please do get in touch.